Post-Op Care

Proper care is very important following oral surgery, and recovery may be delayed if this is neglected. Some swelling, stiffness, and discomfort is to be expected. In order to avert complications, these instructions should be followed unless different instructions have been given to you by the dentist.


The gauze pack in your mouth should remain in place with slight biting pressure for 20-30 minutes after you leave the office. Keep head elevated and rest quietly. Do not suck or spit excessively. Some oozing and discoloration of saliva is normal. If bleeding persists or starts again, inspect the wound and remove any blood clot which extends beyond the gum. The area should now be covered with a clean gauze pad or moist tea bag, and firm biting pressure applied for 20-30 minutes - then off for 10 minutes. If this does not control the bleeding, call our office.


To minimize swelling, apply an ice pack to the region of the surgery as soon as you arrive home. Apply cold for 20 minutes - then off for 10 minutes. Continue for only the first 4 to 6 hours.


Some discomfort should be expected. Take prescribed medication and rest.


Cool liquids and soft foods are recommended for your own comfort. Do not skip meals.

Please do not smoke or eat hot or spicy foods for 24 hours. This may dislodge the blood clot and result in a "dry socket." A dry socket is an infection that generally occurs 2 to 3 days after tooth removal. Symptoms are pain, swelling and fever. Please notify our office if these symptoms occur.

Do not rinse your mouth the day of surgery. Drink plenty of liquids, but do not rinse.

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